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Amar, The Delivery Service nº1 in Morocco

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For our users

Welcome to Amar, your shortcut to convenience. With our app, ordering your essentials is as easy as a tap. Track deliveries in real-time, explore local stores, and enjoy stress-free shopping. Amar brings everything you need to your doorstep, making your life simpler and more convenient. Where convenience meets excellence — that's Amar.

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Becoming a partner

Partner with Amar to elevate your business. Showcase your products, reach a broader audience, and increase your sales. Our streamlined order management system makes it easy for you to connect with eager customers. Amar is the bridge between your products and a digital-savvy audience. Partner with Amar and watch your business flourish.

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Drive with Amar and take control of your time. Choose your hours, earn fair compensation, and benefit from our real-time tracking system. At Amar, you're not just a driver; you're a valued partner. Experience a supportive environment, timely payments, and be the hero on the road. Drive with Amar — where drivers are respected and rewarded.

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About us

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Amar is an application where you can order online any product you need and receive it anywhere and anytime.
We help our customers save time, effort and money.

AMAR make your life easier !

How it works

All you have to do is download the application and discover the easiest most intuitive ways to order.
Amar just order.

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Whether it is: Parcels, Documents, Health products, Food, Clothing or any other product; we are here to serve you at any time 24/7. Nº1 in Morocco.

« Optimize your life and save time! »

Our Services

The service of home delivery AMAR, allows each person to receive at home or at any other address any items and products they want. Whether you are mobile or not, this service will give you time for your favorite activities.

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Packages and documents

Important documents to send/receive? With AMAR, don’t worry anymore! You don't have enough time to deliver your packages, files, documents, etc., No worries, we will be happy to accomplish all these tasks for you.

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No time to go shopping? This is no longer a problem! Market, mall, supermarket, restaurant, fast food..., You will no longer need to travel. Simply select what you want and we will take care of the delivery!

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Health and care

Schedule too busy? Lots of things to do? The Amar service meets your expectations as quickly as possible. You will no longer need to travel or go around town to look for your products!

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Gifts and Others

Looking for ideas for a perfect gift to a special person! With the AMAR company, don't worry, everything is at your disposal. Just select what you want, and recieve your order in the desired destination.

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  • +212 644 011 011 / 0539 34 07 54
  • Rue Mansor dahbi, Tanger 90000 - Maroc

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